September 28, 2022

Saturday 9.20.08/Passion Pit/(Joint Blog between Kerry & Joe)

Friday was fun as fuck! Saturday Kerry, Lis and I woke up at 8:00 AM after four hours sleep…..hurting! We had to open the shop early for some huge artists that bailed last minute, so we made the best of it. By 11:00 AM we decided we were too hungry to wait around and hit up IHOP.
Kerry-I should have trusted my gut. No hookups for celebrities. Just because someone is famous doesn’t mean that they should get preference over someone who is out grinding everyday. I’ll never go out of my way for a celeb again.


After breakfast it was the usual Proletariat shenanigans

I had a boner

Kerry-Wow! So that is why you asked me to give you a reverse shoulder ride.

Proletariat reps FARO & ADHD Crew


Lis had some family stop by the shop


Once we closed up the shop we headed to Boston University to see our friends in Passion Pit perform with Girl Talk. By the time we arrived there was a line six blocks long and none of us were looking forward to waiting in it. We called our great pal Nate (aka DJ ETAN) to see if their was another entrance. He scooped us up and brought us back stage where the raging ensued. THANKS NATE!
Kerry-I would like to say I feel bad about skipping the line but I would be a liar. That line was retarded! You could see it wind around the curvature of the Earth. And then we got welcomed into the green room with the Grey Goose and the all you could eat buffet?!!? Yeah, I still don’t feel bad.


We hung out for a while until the boys took the stage.

Passion Pit

Passion Pit’s epic introduction
Kerry-I loved watching the crowd surge crush the tiny B.U. girls up against the stage all night. It was so funny. They got so mad and they kept trying so hard to push people back and meanwhile mad kids were throwing these stupid glow bracelets at them. I would say a decent amount of the kids weren’t sure if this was a high school dance or an Aerosmith concert, but they all seemed to have a great time and by the end of the show they were going fucking crazy for P.P.

Passion Pit @ Boston University – i’ve got your number

Kerry & Leslie Backstage Passion Pit/Girl Talk
Hahahah, I remember this photo being taken because right before it I was watching this group of 4 sorority type chicks grinding on each other and then two of them made out and abruptly stopped. Then the other two looked at them completely disgusted and then there was this awkward moment and then I heard Passion Pit sing “Tears like Diamonds” and Leslie and I laughed and laughed. Epic.

After Passion Pit we took off to grab some food/drinks! None of us had eaten and we were ready to rage further!

On the walk from B.U. we saw this ill machine from NYC
Kerry-Man, I wish more people did self-car customization. He definitely added value to this old beater.




Then we saw an upper playground installation (the guys that bailed on Proletariat inc!)
Kerry-It really was pretty in person. And we all learned something from it. Luckily we had such a good day I decided not to throw my feces at it.

Upper Play Ground Instal

Upper Play Ground Instal

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