March 23, 2023
News / WTF

Rodney King -Famous Police Brutality Victim – Dead at 47

Rodney King was found dead at the bottom of his swimming pool early Sunday morning. Police will be investigating the cause of death which ultimately was drowning, but since King was an alcoholic his entire life alcohol was probably at play. For those of you who are young and are reading this, Rodney King was the first major case of citizens using video recordings to catch the police doing illicit things. This was back when you had to have a video camera and the tape was the size of a dictionary. This is also when people still trusted the police, well, when white people still trusted the police.

I remember turning on the tv after school and seeing round the clock news coverage of people rioting and looting and burning the streets of L.A.

Then you had Reginald Denny, the trucker who was pulled out of his Semi and had a brick smashed over his head, and Korean businessmen standing in front of their bodegas shooting at looters. Shit was fucking crazy and the whole soundtrack was played by Ice-T.

The good news is nowadays we have learned our lesson and the police are model citizens and racism is over…

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