December 5, 2022

Rest in Peace MCA

As you may or may not have heard, MCA aka Adam Yauch from the Beastie Boys died today. There are two bands that have molded me as a person and have always been by my side in this lifetime and the Beastie Boys are one of them. My friend Jeremy introduced me to the Beastie Boys in 1989. Up until that point I had listened to a lot of hard rock, like Guns & Roses and Metallica (hey it was the 80’s) but in 7th grade, that’s when I became a man and started listening to new shit. Not many people were lucky enough to start out their fandom with Paul’s Boutique. This album was hated from the get go by die hard frat boys who wanted to fight for their right to puke. But to us suburbanites living in Texas, we finally got a taste of what our lives could be like. Within days we were rocking sambas and campuses. We paid this weird 18 year old with a fake to get us jugs of Brass Monkey so we could get smashed and try to bust windmills at Jeremy’s house. I ripped a VW logo off a bug and attached it to a chain and if you ever watch the ProSho that chain is still in my eye’s view daily. My mom asked me to stop calling her dog and my buddy Gordon and I started a Beastie Boys cover band with our first live performance of Boomin’ Granny at church camp. I have probably seen the Beastie Boys 10 times in my life going from the stage where I remember seeing old guys also at the show to becoming the old guy at the show. The Beastie Boys got me pumped up for major life experiences and even today I’ll hear a line in a song and I finally get what they are talking about. When I was young I was a huge fan of Adrock, but the older I got the more I appreciated the subtley of MCA. You never think you will be saddened when a person you have never met, and never really knew passes away – but I can tell you that today I am sad. Rest in Peace MCA. You helped form a generation.

This video is an instrumental version of Mullethead (a song featured on the Clueless soundtrack linked up with the skate scene on the halfpipe) Anyways, this is a rip from the Beastie Boys VHS entitled “Skills to Pay the Bills” a VHS I have owned since I was in Jr. High, and watched so much the first one broke so I bought a second on eBay. Anyways, this is MCA and this was some serious boarding back in the 90’s.

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