January 28, 2023

Put a Donk on it!

Wow, sometimes I find some music that is so fucking hilariously terrible that I can’t stop love/hating it. Blackout Crew has just made the A-team of this genre alongside some of my favorite Karaoke hits like Creed. Anyways, put a donk on it. Whatever you do in life, whether it is play the banjo (PUT A DONK ON IT!), beg for change (PUT A DONK ON IT!) or take your mother out for ice cream (PUT A MOTHERFUCKING DONK ON IT!). Put a donk on it. DONK! DONK DONK! DONK!donk.

BTW, where can I buy that orange donk machine that appears to be a spraypainted old speakerbox from my Dad’s youth?

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