January 28, 2023

Proletariat’s 2009 Fall Season is in!

This season has been a lot of fun to work on, especially because I brought some friends in who I’ve wanted to collaborate on a design with for a long time. I’ve been working on a new website so when that is finished you will get to hear directly from the artists I chose to work with. And now the main event…

First and foremost let’s go over a new muscle tee for the final warm days ahead. If you love the Celtics and all things green this top is for you.

Next we have a collaboration I did with Big Jus a local artist from Cambridge. This is for the KingPen artist series where I’ve asked a few friends to design a shirt inspired by the KingPen. The lettering says Live to Write, Write to Live and if you can’t read it, stick to the Ecko Boys section in Filenes.

My friend Barry designed this a while back in Art School. I saw it at his place on the 4th of July and said, “That’s the Truth!” This is a heavyweight crewneck sweat for those cool fall evenings.

Buildmore is a world-renowned street artist. Everywhere you look, disciples of Buildmore draw and cut art shrines and paste them up for the people to enjoy. This shirt celebrates that, as well as everything else that we do that we know we shouldn’t. Check out more of his work at http://www.overkillstudio.com

Charles C. Ebbets took many amazing photos of the men who built this country. This is an homage to one of my favorite photographers who left this world a few months after I came into it.

From ’04 till Infinity. We keep going, and going, and going. This is what I hope happens with Proletariat as well as any other brand trying to keep jobs in America and run responsible companies that look out for their fellow man.

Jessica Hess was asked to design a shirt for our KingPen marker line. Damn, she nailed it. See more at www.JessicaHess.com

Finally, we have our super-limited edition Fall hoodies. We only made 12 of each. Not 12 in each size but 12 total of each color. Every single part was made in the USA, including the customs chenille letters embroidered on the chest. Rep the Prole at the next Bruins, Celtics, Pats, or Sox game.

As for all my Summer friends who headed back to school-it was a good time, and for those of you on your way back to the Bean, pay the extra $12 for your Uhauls full insurance coverage and don’t drive down Storrow Dr. unless you want your truck to open up like a sardine can. It’s happened in the past and it almost happened to me.

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