June 4, 2023

Proletariat Winter 2007

As you are reading this, Joe is debuting the first shirt in our Winter collection in NYC. If you are attending any of the CMJ parties there, look for the couple with the perfect hair and that is probably Joe and Lis.

Now I know all of you hate mailing lists, but ours is truly different. We don’t spam you everyday like poolamraK with fake discounts on shipping, we just tell you what’s good and throw you a usable discount on the rare occasion. Anyways, if you were on the list you would already know what the first of the new shirts looks like because I emailed the list a pic tonight. But never fear, if you jump on now, you will get to see the rest of them as they drop, and I can already tell you that one is dropping tomorrow, and then another the next day. But, don’t rush into the shop just yet. Thursday we will be releasing the first shirt of the series. Friday the second, and Saturday we will have all three. Then stay tuned, because in about 2 weeks we will be releasing 2 new hoodies for Fall.

Get on the list!

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