February 3, 2023

Proletariat is Maaaaaaaad Green!

We got our spring shipment of tote bags in yesterday and are happy to announce they are made of 50% recycled materials.

Not only that, but they are about twice as large and have a zipper enclosure as well. Joe started sewing all the labels into them and we ran out of thread, so we took a green road trip to Sewfisticated, the most depressing store in town.
A flick of the wrist and the Zipcar was reserved. We had most choices, but settled on the modern golf cart, the Toyota Prius.

But even the Escalade golf cart doesn’t have the back-up cam.

On the way, we saw some other ride-sharer’s cruising on the sexiest bus in town.

Then the party ended when we arrived at Sewfisticated. Sewing stores are on a level of excitement somewhere between old folks homes and funerals.

Back to the exciting shit…99.9 MPG!!!!!!!!!


And the final product…

2 thoughts on “Proletariat is Maaaaaaaad Green!

  1. I needs one since India sucks and I think my bag is getting me sick from its fumes of crushed asprin :'(


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