October 3, 2022

Proletariat Hoverboard+3 new tees. Tomorrow @ noon.

Tomorrow we are releasing the first installment of Summer 2009. I’m stoked about backyard bbq’s, trips to the beach (any beach), sunlight till 9, ice-cold beer, and a strange city where half the residents disappear for 3 months. The first item up for bids is our 2nd skateboard deck in our ongoing series. Our friend Evoker made sure this deck looked perfect down to every detail. The deck is American made and hand-silkscreened in New York out of rock hard Canadian maple. It measures 7.75″ across and all 50 decks are signed and numbered.
That’s right, we did our best to recreate the spirit of Marty McFly’s hovering skateboard. The bottom graphic has all the details it takes to dupe the American public into believing skateboards would ever hover. The top graphic is inspired by the computer inside Doc’s Delorean. Limited to 50.
Now off to the softgoods. The first t-shirt was inspired by one of the rarest and most unique collectible stamps in the world, the Inverted Jenny. When the biplane in this image was printed upside down, it instantly became a rare collectible. Nowadays they sell for around a million bucks, so check your granny’s love letters next time you are there. In the meantime you can pick ours up for a lot cheaper.
Next up we have one for all the locals. There’s a term we call people here in Massachusetts that goes where no other state would even attempt. Masshole. What other state mates so perfectly with a curse word? Well, I just came up with Floridicks and North Dakotafannings but other than that there’s just us. Anyways, if you want to find a real Masshole just get in your car and drive. They’ll find you.
If you don’t drive that is a parody of the Massachusetts Turnpike (Mass Pike) logo.

Our third new design is for all those endless summer nights. Get out on your rooftop with some good friends and find all the constellations or navigate the night sky alone. The design is printed upside down so you can just look down at your shirt and then look up and have a perfect view of both. Of course I figure you are more likely to stare at this tee in your apartment due to light and pollution so I made sure all the constellations glow in the dark.
Well that’s all folks. Items go on sale Saturday at noon. I hope all of you have an awesome summer. For those of you graduating and moving on, best of luck, and please don’t let your future job turn you into a d-bag.
By the way, if you want to find out about our new products way before they drop on the blog then sign up here. We will never sell your info or give it away.

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