February 3, 2023

Proletariat 378 & Canorak Release Party


After a long wait of 5 months, and a long night till 5am, Joe and Leslie and I ended up with this…

The denim turned out awesome, we sold out of our Indigo 34×34’s in the first few hours. We still have some available in black though, but move fast because we will not be making anymore.
The lineup started around 11 A.M., and they were rewarded with some ice-cold Pabst and RedBull. Thanks to all of you for getting here early.

A few of the first in line…

The best part of the day though was just getting a chance to chill with everyone who loves this shop as much as me. I never get a chance to have a drink with most of you and of course half of you aren’t old enough yet, so it was cool just chilling in our own little world for a few hours. It is also cool stepping back and seeing that everyone who wears shit from Proletariat gets along and has a good time together even though you wouldn’t fit into each other’s societal groupings. Maybe that’s just me, but I have always loved that about the shop, that there will be this crazy mix of ages/occupations/interests/social classes and all that seems to be left at the door. Anyways, yesterday was another perfect example of that-and that is what makes me keep doing what I do.
After the shop party, Peter invited us to his bar, the Good Life, for an unofficial afterparty where he greeted us with a six pack of Shlitz and some delicious cocktails.

The crowd was bumpin thanks to Large Professor

LAB was representin

Token homey group shot

Token ladies drunk chillin posin top model shot

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