June 6, 2023
News / WTF

Pet Plastic Surgery

This is no joke. Pugs, Bulldogs, and Boston Terriers have been receiving nose jobs to better their breathing. Bloodhounds and Mastiffs are getting chin lifts to slow their drooling. And Bulldogs have been getting nipped and tucked to remove large skin folds. Currently, most of these surgeries are for the benefit of the animal’s health, but it shouldn’t be too long until someone decides to take it to the next level and that’s when the ASPCA will have a serious problem with pet plastic surgery.

There’s also a company called Neuticles who manufactures plastic testicles for dogs who have been neutered and may miss that comfortable clanging between their legs. Over 500,000 dogs are rocking these fake nuts which means pet cemeteries are a great place to make a few extra bucks. All you need is a shovel and an eBay account! Anyways, I thought all this shit was weird.

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