June 10, 2023

Passion Pit SOLD OUT SHOW at the Paradise, Boston

Last night was definitely a show to remember. Boston band Passion Pit has been generating wheelbarrows of hype over the past year getting National attention from huge magazines, tv, radio, and all the right jerk off music websites. But last night they came home, and it was their first major show since all this crazy shit started. The last time I saw Passion Pit was in September where they opened for Girl Talk. Of course all the assholes in the crowd booed them because they couldn’t wait to see how Girl Talk could mash the Telatubbie theme song into Guns N Roses. Well those times are definitely over.
Our friend Nate aka Shuttle an accomplished dj and producer signed to Ninja Tune Records as well as the drummer for Passion Pit, hooked us up with the guest list and it’s a good thing he did because this show sold out months ago.
When we got to the Paradise I realized how big this band has gotten in the past few months. There were ticket scalpers! People offered to sell us tickets for $100 each. I’m not sure what these went for originally but I know it was a lot less than that. That was pretty fucking cool. So, we went inside and got to chill with Nate for a bit, hear about all the crazy international shows as well as the national tour. They got to play Bonnaroo in front of tens of thousands of people-Nate said it was unbelievable-as far as he could see was just people chilling out and having a good time. During sound check he would hit the bass drum and everyone in the audience would clap. So he’d do it again. And they would clap. It sounded like some crazy shit from when all those hair bands played Russia during the Cold War.
Anyways, back to last night. In the minutes before Passion Pit took stage, the Paradise filled up to capacity. This is when it comes in handy to have a friend like Justin. I remember being pushed around as a kid by massive dudes in the pit, and I realized that me being 6’5″ and Justin being made of lead, that now we were those dudes and we could stand anywhere we wanted. And we did. So, Passion Pit took the stage and the crowd erupted.
Ayad the keyboardist was getting the most love from the ladies. Sorry guys, maybe it was just the section I was in, but they were going nuts. The band played all the hits from the new album as well as a few from the old. After the first two songs the guys really found their groove- Mike’s (the lead singer) voice must be killing him after nightly dates singing falsetto-but he pulled it off. Ian and Jeff kept up the rythm and bass lines and looked completely comfortable in front of their screaming fans. Ayad entertained the front row and all the screaming hipster chicks and of course our boy Nate took drumming to the next level. I swear, I think Nate could take on the Energizer bunny and come out on top.
This show was an awesome one to be at-because everyone in the crowd knows the next time Passion Pit comes through town it will be at a larger venue. The crowd was filled with old classmates, friends of friends, girlfriends, and homeys and everyone seemed to be stoked that these guys are getting their big break and working it. So that leaves me with one question…who’s next? I know Red Foxxworth’s been doing big things…

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