February 3, 2023

Paint/New Proletariat MIXTAPE/LAB Party

Just in time for all Hallows Eve, we got a fatty shipment of Montana in..

Secondly, our Winter mixtape is on the shelves, mixed/remixed, mastered/remastered, crunk/recrunked, ill/cured by Mr. Basstown, Etan. It’s cheaper than your sister and it will make your booty move like Daisuke before a pitch. As an extra bonus, you will get to see 2 more shirts yet to be released inside the cd booklet.

Last night LAB threw a custom vimobot party that I had the shitty job of judging. The reason that job sucked was everyone’s vimobot was amazing and far better than I could do myself. But as with every competition you have to pick a winner, or in this case 3. None of the three below ended up winning but they were awesome…

Nor these three which sucks because they were all dope as well. Notice the glossy sniper suit and the self-portrait in her Halloween costume!

And of course my worst photo is of the three winners…the bug, the chopped up monster with lego insides and lifelike playdoh flesh, and the comical costume reminding girls to be sure to dress up like sluts because it is Halloween.

Anyways, to all the artists who participated, your shit was dope and I am sorry you didn’t all win. In other news the T still sucks!

And the Adidas crew still rules

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