May 28, 2023

Paint It Now!

Last night we headed deep into the heart of Southie for an amazing art show curated by Buildmore. It was a decent gathering of the who’s who of Boston’s young art scene. The Distillery Gallery was also a nice change for this demographic who is usually only welcomed by local bars and clubs. If you’ve never been, it’s an old Distillery that has been transformed to artist live/work spaces and the show runs for the next month.

One of the first things you will see is the massive black and white painted collaboration on the 20 foot walls with work by everyone in the show. It is now our header on the blog, but if you need another look, here you go. That’s Kenji and Leslie on the left if that helps put it into perspective.

EPS came out strong with this painfully true piece…

The host of the night, Buildmore, on the left and EVOKER on the right…

Greg from Hearthrob won’t apologize for nothin’. Now he’s heading up nightlife at the Enormous Room so be prepared to be amazed!

Kenji’s blue paintings really draw the eye in deep. I’m embarrassed to say I think this is the first time I have seen one of his colored ones in person and they are insane.

This was an how I have always pictured an art show being. Great location, everyone was friendly and outgoing, and there weren’t any fights or beefs. I hope this spot is already planning a repeat for the future. I will leave you with some religious pieces from the show.
Buildmore’s Art Shrine:

Morgan Thomas’s Indian Goddess:

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