June 6, 2023

No school for 350,000 students in Chicago

This is the coolest thing I have seen in a while. 30,000 Chicago teachers on strike all week so far. I hope this movement spreads all around the country and teachers all around ask for what they deserve. In my humble opinion teachers have  a huge impact on the youth and its one of the most important jobs out there. Its about time they ask for more money and support. I dunno about you, but I hated school. I wonder how many kids are stoked to be having a longer summer. Haha.

“Some 350,000 Chicago schools students kept from class on the first day of a teachers’ strike remained in limbo at day’s end, with no news of a new contract between the teachers union and the school district.

The strike launched Monday by 26,000 teachers and support staff highlighted a bitter standoff between teachers and Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, who is pushing reforms on the city’s schools, the third-biggest public school district in the nation.

Teachers dressed in red T-shirts rallied in front of the Chicago school district offices in the center of the city, breaking through barriers and spilling onto the streets, the Chicago Tribune reported.”

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