June 8, 2023


Wow, this is a first. Hurricane Sandy is serious. Hit refresh on this post as we will be updating it through the night. We are watching a variety of news sources tonight to keep you updated on what’s happening On the East Coast. CNN just reported that the New York Stock Exchange is under 3 feet of water! If you are on the East Coast don’t do what you did last year when there was a big storm coming (smoke weed, get drunk, eat brownies) This one is serious. TTHU Joe just checked in and said power lines are down all over Jersey City – cell phone coverage is spotty, and police are everywhere. Be careful everyone and people north of NYC get prepared!

The Hoboken, New Jersey, subway stop was breached today. This is a spot that I am very familiar with and our friend TTHU Joe is probably here once a week!

Here’s a photo from Alphabet City.

A friend of TTHU reported that houses in the Coney Island area have 7-10 feet of water inside.

Mayor Bloomberg of NYC decided to leave prisoners locked up on Rikers Island.

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