February 9, 2023

New York, Old Friends. Day 2

Woke up in Jersey City the next A.M. and found a bunch of these street art sculptures. Not sure who the artist is, but the shit is awesome. They are mostly made from aluminum, chain, and huge zip ties, and then are attached to the top of signs with even more zip ties. Pretty crazy.

The day was short, and the night was the main event. CMJ week is kind of like SXSW in Austin, except it is almost all industry people, who are more interested in schmoozing then checking out the non-stop talent that is booked for the week. There are a ton of A&R reps so if you could sneak your way in it might be a good way to drop a demo. Also, EVERYONE thinks they are the SHIT, so they are constantly checking each other out and trying to upstage each other. IT IS hilarious! This was especially obvious when Joe grabbed us at the back of this two block line, got us wristbands that bypass the huge inside line and then we drank for free and got ill goody bags. The second we got pulled out of the line by Joe, some people snickered, others were instantly nice to us, and one chick took our picture. Guess what suckers!!! We are nobodies!!!! (First time I have ever been glad to say that) Plus 1 for the Proletariat!
Inside we received these custom skins for our phones and ipods designed exclusively for the party by our friend FARO.

The club was huge with every room having a different theme. At one point we were in a room that was designed to be like Iceland. Then we were in a basement party with beer pong. crazy!

Then we entered the bong room where Etan and Chris Devlin of Spank Rock were slated to perform. Shit was mad smoky!

Here’s a taste of what was to come, and I will finish off the party in the next post.

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