June 10, 2023

New York, Old Friends. Day 1

Joe and Lis invited Leslie and I down to NYC for the 10th Annual Syndicate CMJ kick off. But first we had to take care of some shop biz. I ordered this deck for our friend Alex. Why may you ask? No reason…

Then a special guest dropped these off for your pleasure. BUILDMORE!

So, after 2 hours of sleep Leslie and I hopped the BoltBus and headed down to NYC. Joe scooped us up and took us straight to the new Banksy exhibit. It was cool as shit to see in person, and it was also surprising how many people had no idea it was art or who Banksy is. RETARDS!

So then we headed on to lunch and we started walking down a familiar street. A few years back, Leslie and I went out on the tradeshow circuit to get more like-minded businesses to sell Proletariat clothing. We ended up selling to different shops around the US, including this one. Well, we shipped out his package, and it got sent back to us. So, on a trip to NYC, Leslie and I decided to bring the package with us and hand deliver it. The dude seemed to be a little crazy, he claimed he didn’t order it, he claimed it wasn’t his signature or deposit check on the contract and then he started yelling and throwing shit at me. He then asked if I wanted to fight (which I did) but Leslie didn’t think that was a good idea since he was like 68 years old. (I thought it was a great idea because I was a sure win!) Well, long story short, the asshole went out of business.

And I didn’t stop smiling the rest of the day…

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