June 4, 2023

New ways to utilize your right to Free Speech!

Got some new fun in today…These DO’Em Dirty mops are the shit. The marker itself is very sturdy and he uses a mohair nib to last longer on rough surfaces. Of course it is filled with the notorious ink and we got 4 colors:red, white, black and blue.

Next we have some Dura-Balls. (That’s what she said) This is a thick and gooey industrial ink much like a DALO marker, but the beauty of this one is, it is in a metal toothpaste tube so you can squueze out every last drop…thus the name Dura-Balls. And like a bunch of stuff at the Proletariat, no one else has these…

Of course I had to grab some new reading materials…We got some Clouts, Day in the Lyfes, Overspray and Addiccion, but the real standouts are the ultra-rare Asian graff mags HSM. These are super hard to get and pricey, but it is ill seeing our Far Eastern counterparts doing it up right. (Extra bonus in the back of each issue of hot Japanese girls with graffiti on them—Kenji approved!)

And in the cap department we have universal germans and the new mixing caps. If you have a bunch of half full cans you can use these to make one full diarrhea colored can.

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