February 5, 2023

New Shipment straight from Germany to Cali to Boston!

It really is amazing how far of a journey this paint makes just to end up in our hands. The trip starts in Germany, flies right over us to Los Angeles, and then gets back on a truck headed for Boston. Then the UPS man carries the 15 boxes weighing over 900lbs up that god-awful ramp, and then I have to unpack the boxes and put the paint on the shelves. (of course I love doing it because I get first dibs.) So what does this mean for you? All these people have toiled to get you the tools you need so you better do some dope ass shit.
Wanna see 1000 NY thins?

You like raves? Ecstasy? Glow sticks?


Don’t sleep, shit goes quick

P.S. you are already a day late because the people on our email list knew about this shipment yesterday. But never-fear, you can still sign up now, because I have some mega announcements forthcoming in the next few weeks that will actually cost you money if you aren’t on the list.

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Also, if you want to download any of these pics for your desktop background head over to my Flickr.

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