October 6, 2022

New product this week

Got some new shit in today…including a wicked hangover. We will be dropping the Summer line this week as well which is gonna include 3 new tees, a belt, an edit of an old classic, and a forgotten piece of Proletariat history that many of you have asked about…and skate decks made by the craftsmen behind Zoo York…stay tuned for more details.

The first item of the day is these new markers from Kingpen. They have the same marker style as KRINK’s famous K-71 but these are paint instead of ink. What this means for you is a highly opaque liquid paint that can write on everything and show up. We have 4 colors right now: China White, Piss Yellow, Blue Balls, and Money Green.

We also got some new stuff from VOX. These shoes are very durable for skaters and we sell ’em cheap.

Finally, I whipped up a dozen of the old drippy grenades. This is a highly toxic ink with a griffin style wool brush that can write on everything. Great for canvases!

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