February 9, 2023

New from Montana! Coming soon to Proletariat

The NEW Montana Tarblack 500ml Low Pressure. Bitumen based, the Montana TARBLACK 500ml has been newly developed and reformulated. It comes equipped with a Pink Dot for tight wide lines however is compatible with the 1-5 level cap system, apply it however you want or need. What does that mean for you? You can FINALLY use a skinny cap on these new tar cans! I don’t really know why you would want to but you can.
Montana also released a new balltip squueze marker that can be filled with anything! 6mm balltip marker is refillable with ink, lacquer or even thick primer or house paint, stomach acid, urine, or rotten milk! Just squeeze for a higher output or drips…Looks like our boy KR got ripped again. Keep your head up KRINK, you are innovators-always one step ahead.

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