March 25, 2023

My Company Party

Every year we rent out a club in Manhattan called Rebel. It is a fairly large club so we pack it with about 2,500 people throughout the night each year. The event is invite only but this year I had some awesome friends roll out!

Every year we manage to give out a bunch of free shit. There is free booze all night, free music and free goody bags featuring premium items.

There are a ton of rooms in this club. Here are some of them.

We brought in some merchandisers to make this room looks extra firey!

This is where the bands play

This is where people get free shit

This is the mezzanine

These are the bands

And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

Margot and The Nuclear So and So’s

Rival Schools


Claire & DJ MUNK

DJ Jerome Baker The III

DJ Stereo Faith

DEVLIN (of Spank Rock)

Then the rest of the night for us consisted of…..

Free booze!


I fell a sleep for a bit while waiting for the path!

But my friends were kind enough to wake me. We then raged at my place.

I went to bed at four, Kerry and Leslie had to catch a bus around six! OUCH!

PLEASE click the photos if you are interested in who took each. They will link to a flickr page. ALSO — Please give all of the DJ’s and bands a quick listen. Everyone who performed was super awesome! and very nice 🙂

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