September 25, 2022

My 1:45am YouTube playlist

Youtube is just like Pringles, you know-once you pop you just can’t stop? Maybe that is YouPorn. Anyways, you know how you watch a video and then on the right hand side it shows you some videos you might like? And of course most of those videos are based on keywords in the video you are watching so you usually do like one. So you click on it. And then usually you see another video that you might like so you click on that one and so on and so forth. Well, here’s tonight’s Youtube playlist.

slip and slide
car jump faceplant
extreme parkour faceplant
idiot jumps against wall:
worst faceplant ever:
idiot jumps against wall:
what is this guy thinking:
how to trash a rented ferrari:
ferrari 360 in the snow: LOL THIS GUYS COMMENTARY~
almost an accident:
stupid usa police:
truckers stop pursuit:
stupid woman police:
stupid woman:

It’s 2 now, I ain’t gonna code all the links…just copy and paste or choose your own adventure

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