June 4, 2023
News / WTF

Mormon church is like Epcot Centa! Secret Mormon Video

I’m prolly not tha best dude out there to be tellin you wha tha fuck is happenin here but dis shit looks bananas son! I kept waitin for a dude with a chainsaw to pop out or that guy from SAW 4 and shitz! Anywayz, I did a wikipedia on dis shit and its sposed to be super hush hush on tha Jesus downlow and shit so I bet this vid gets pulled in like 24 hours so you betta watch it now! Just make sho you on a comedown from dat molly son or else yo mind might be blown offical! peace. and don foget kidz, all religions be weird as shiz son, so don single out da momos without singlin out the muzzies or the cathlickinboysbums or isweartogodimnotgaygodfearinbaptistz!

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