June 10, 2023

More Texas fun!

You may remember Eric from a previous blog. Anyways, we met up in Texas for a wedding and checked out some local spots. First we headed to Jucy’s (not a typo) and got some big ass burgers. $5 with a coke? Can’t beat it.

Now, it was 102 degrees outside, we were hungover, and had just filled our guts with cow, and for some stupid reason we decided to go go-karting. There are a few things to remember when go-karting…first of all, no dipping

Second of all, you must remember 9/11!

Next up, we headed out to grab a few beers at the World Famous Don’s Beer Barn. This is a drive through beer store with chicks in a hot tub and a bikini clad girl swinging from the ceiling. I don’t know why anyone would buy their Lone Star Ice anywhere else.

I got more updates in the pipeline as well as some new tees dropping this week. Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “More Texas fun!

  1. FUCK YEAH! I wish I was there! Lis says it is hurtful towards those women but they looked happy to me, just like caged animals ready for slaughter.




  2. Man, I wish I was a chick so I could be paid to lounge by a pool. That shit would hurt so good!

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