June 8, 2023

More fun in Austin while at SXSW

This is more shit from Austin, Texas. Food and shopping=fat and happy. This is Chuy’s-a great mexican restaurant plus the exact bar where the naughty Bush daughter got caught for underage drinking…now they card like a motherfucker! Thanks for ruining that too Bushes!

Never walk into a liquor store again…unless you don’t have a whip.

And if you buy beer in Texas pick up some Lone Star (Texan for PBR) or Shiner Bock.

South Congress is like the Newbury Street of Austin-that is if Newbury Street had weird ass stores and a lack of douchey euro-trash. Allen Boots is a great stop if you want to see the finest in western wear. First you need a new Stetson ($125)

Next if you are a girl you need boots with a slutty cow wearing a thong. ($1500)

And if you are a semi-well-known musician you have to drop your advance from the label on these bad boys! ($3500 snake head included & attached)

When you start selling albums like Passion Pit you can step up to the full Alligator jammers at a respectable $5000.

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