June 4, 2023

More DJ action

Keeping on the DJ tip, our boy Joe Bermudez (#18 DJ in America) sent us a flick of himself chilling with Armin Van Buuren (#1 DJ in the world!) And if you want to keep Boston on the map, get your votes in for Joe ASAP!

This reminds me of my last trip on Jet Blue. I got tired of watching reruns of Charles In Charge, so I decided to listen to the XM radio. Lo and behold it was on a Joe Bermudez song…for the next 3 hours… It was awesome! Where else can you force your audience to listen to your song and not be able to change the channel?

In other news, my boy Johnny Dunks is one of the kids waiting in line to buy the Lobster Dunks designed by our friend Rob Heppler. If you don’t know Rob, click on the I Love Prison link on the sidebar——————–>If you want to buy the Lobster’s off Johnny, watch this video.

6 thoughts on “More DJ action

  1. I don’t care that this kid is trying to make a few bucks; I think he is smart and obviously in a situation (he’s in high school or he doesn’t have a job) that allows him to take 4 days of his life and make a few bucks. What I think is really disgusting is the fact that he is essentially being paid by someone whose time is worth so much money that they can afford to pay this kid to be a professional line stand in. There is a rich guy somewhere who has bought Johnny Dunks as his personal slave for 4 days for $1000. Now I know that is what all jobs are, but I feel like Johnny Dunks would be a lot better off keeping the shoes and all the other kids should keep the shoes, because this is one thing that they can have that a rich guy can’t, because they are willing to put for effort and dedication. DON’T SELL THE DUNKS KID!

    P.S. it is also disgusting that it would take the person who actually made those shoes about a year to make enough money to buy them.

  2. DMS, im not trying to make a few bucks nor am i in high school(way passed) and i do have a job but thanks for the effort to figure me out. no one bought me out im no ones slave, to not get into much detail the job that i have and the money that i have allows me to chill at a campout for 4 days, meaning i make enough money doing what i do that i dont need to work every day of the week to support myself. the funny thing about this is that I myself actually paid someone to stand in line so i could get a second pair to sell, and eventually the money that i make from that pair i sell will have bought me the pair im keeping for myself and paid for my expenses throughout the 4 days, smart dont you think? its like buying stock but without the suits and the bullshit. i didnt run into the store and ask my boy kerry to put a video up on his blog of me selling these, Ive been going to the shop for a few years and he offered to put it up on his blog, i laughed and said of course i thought it would be something funny to put up on the web. haters will hate.

    kerry have fun on that vacation homie, i’ll be in the shop a week or so from now to let you know everything that happened, it got crazy dude haha. thanks for the drink, be safe and all that shit. peace!


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