June 6, 2023

Mitt Romney tells 533 Lies in 30 Weeks – Documented Proof

You know, we saw a lot of this during the Bush-era and I’m positive it has always been this way, but at what point will Americans toss their party affiliations and say “Enough is Enough?” It’s as if politicians are just fucking with us at this point because they think they can do and say anything they want. The sad thing is there will be a large percentage of people who will read these lies, see the journalistic proof that they are in fact lies and then blame it on the liberal media. Do you know what denying facts makes you? A fucking idiot. This post is not a pro-Obama post, it’s a pro-truth post. Vote Republican, I don’t give a shit, but at least pick one who is honest. Read the lies here and all the proof as well…And what kind of running mate would Romnocchio choose? A FUCKING liar! Fact checkers went through Paul Ryan’s speech from the RNC and found this...

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