February 9, 2023

Merry Christmas!

Well, luckily for me I got out of town just in time while most of America is still sitting in an airport or bus station. It’s also my first Christmas at home in 5 years so that is cool too. Got home last night just in time to do some Christmas cookies with Mom. Cute I know…

Next up we ate some awesome Tex-Mex Tamales from the best place in Fort Worth-Hot Damn Tamales!

Finally, we headed over to a personal fave which will remain nameless. For all you writers out there-Welcome to Texas.

Now, I hope all of you enjoy the holidaze; i know I will. It’s this time of the year that I think most about the homeless and the extremely poor, especially how cold it is in Boston right now so my gift to you is this. Bring me any warm item: a coat, jacket, hoody, sweatpants in good condition, etc. and I will give you $20 off of a Canorak or Proletariat 378 Denim from now until the end of the year. Then we can donate the items to the homeless to help them get through the next few months. Have a great Christmas, Hanukkah or whatever else you celebrate and thanks Joe for the new blog! It fucking rules.

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