September 25, 2022

Megan Fox | Most annoying actress

Okay. I know a lot of you out there may think she is attractive and want to touch her uh…face but I think Megan Fox is fucking annoying! Especially with comments like this: “Men are scared of vaginas,” she elaborates. Men are particularly threatened when a vagina speaks its mind, behaves assertively, or makes more money than they do.” [source] Last time I checked I don’t give a fuck how often “a vagina” speaks its mind or how much money that “vagina” makes. The more money the “vagina” makes the less I need to worry about buying groceries, paying rent, etc.

As a woman of influence I would assume she would want to be viewed as more than just another vagina, even if that is all she really is. I mean c’mon anyone see Transformers? Definitely not an actress. Anyways, Megan Fox, if you are going to impersonate Angelina Jolie at least help some children, donate some time, money and stop dissing disabled kids and Seth Rogan.
Oh and Rolling Stone, if you want to sell magazines go back to writing about music and featuring musicians on the cover. We already have enough Maxim-esc magazines rolling around.

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