February 8, 2023

Mayflower – Arkansas’s Lake of Oil

You probably haven’t heard too much about this because for some odd reason the mainstream news has decided not to cover it. It’s interesting how they covered the shit out of BP’s spill in the gulf but now that there have been multiple spills in the USA on US soil, the mainstream media just doesn’t even show up. Obviously many people and politicians are pushing for the Keystone XL pipeline and it makes you wonder who is really pulling the strings that A. there was a no fly zone set up above the spill and B. the best news coverage is coming out of Arkansas with an Iphone. If you are unfamiliar with this spill, it happened a few weeks ago when a Exxon pipeline ruptured and flooded a Arkansas suburb with thick black crude. Now Exxon is apparently pumping the oil into a nearby lake and throwing paper towels on it. Arkansas is a beautiful state – mostly undeveloped mountain land and it is sad to see this happen anywhere, but especially in one of the purest states left in the USA. The idea that they want to build a larger pipeline (Keystone XL) to go through the Dakotas is shocking.

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