February 9, 2023

Marker/Cap restock!

We got our first art supply shipment of the week in today. We received a bunch of On The Runs, Do Em Dirty mops, Dykem mops (a cheaper version of a Do Em Mop) Black Dots, Grey Dots, and German 3’s!!!! We also got a new product that we have never carried before but I am sure you are all familiar with. So what do you get when you cross some Reebok Pumps with a dildo and some heavy duty epoxy ink?

That’s right, you get Dalo Markers. Pump up the back and let the sunshine flow out the front. Beautiful!
We also got a reorder of the brightest cheapest refill ink on the planet…SMASH ink. We have all 10 colors in stock and you can refill your KRINK mops, or Do Em mops or get a new Soul tip; it’s up to you.

And for all you wallbangers, the paint should be here Friday…

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