February 4, 2023

Mario Minale Red Blue LEGO Chair only $33,000!

Here’s a perfect example of how lame and stupid art collectors are. Why don’t they give their kid a $100 gift card to Toys R Us, and maybe lower the kid’s Ritalin dosage, and see what he turns out? Because they are buying it for the name, not the object. Anyways, they will learn their lesson the first time they sit on this torture device.

Dutch designer Mario Minale created this Red Blue LEGO Chair made entirely out of LEGO bricks and aluminum. Due to the aluminum frame, the LEGO chair can be used as functional, albeit uncomfortable and cushion-less, seating. The chair is 84 cm or 33 1/8 inches high and was manufactured by Amsterdam-based Droog Design. The extremely limited edition chair is on auction at Phillips de Pury and Company, a New York-based auction house, and is estimated to fetch between £20,000-25,000. Only five editions of the LEGO Chair were made plus two artist’s proofs and one prototype.

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