February 3, 2023

Mail Call

I recieved an email the other day from a concerned citizen regarding the Meth Counts t-shirt.

And it went something like this…

To Whom It May Concern:
I was passing by your shop yesterday when I was at the Garage in Harvard Square and your “Meth Counts” T-shirt caught my eye. I was astounded and horrified.
As a detox counselor and aware citizen, I know meth is not something to be taken at all lightly. Joking about it at all is inappropriate. It kills. It destroys lives as well as the environments in which it manufactured. It is a horror.
In the interest of the public at large, I recommend you rethink your sale of this item. Its falling into the wrong hands could prove to be detrimental and taking such a chance is not worth the sale of a shirt.
Gillian Cox
Boston, MA
Gillian I think you are completely mistaken about our attitude and
angle on this particular shirt. If you would have had the chance to
come into the store you would see that every shirt we put out is
showing how stupid the war is, drugs are, and violence is. I have had
so many people come up to the counter and ask me if the items depicted
on the shirt are what really goes into Meth. I think the job you do is
very honorable and also doesn’t get the respect that it deserves, but
I wish you would have seen the bigger picture that is the entire point
of our store. We are good guys with rough pasts who kids actually look
up to and listen to and we are showing kids in a cool way why drugs,
etc. is bad. Sometimes that can be enough to turn a kid around, and if
they still slip through the cracks I am happy to know there is a
person like you who will take them in and care for them. If you want I
can post your message on our shop’s blog to present another angle of
the argument.sincerely,

kerry simon

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