June 8, 2023


Someone once told me that the only thing pioneers receive is a bunch of arrows in their ass. Last week, I had the pleasure of looking back on the past few years with KR of KRINK. I told him about all the art stores/music stores/house paint stores trying to capitalize on what Proletariat started in Boston. (For the record, we were the first store in Boston to carry Montana paint and KRINK and on top of that, we are still the only shop in Boston that Montana has trusted a direct account with. What does that mean for you? Well, if you buy paint at any other shop you are being ripped off. Those stores buy from middlemen, and their wholesale prices are what we sell at retail. So the store has to mark it up which usually costs you around $2 more a can.) So, back to the conversation. I was telling KR how annoying it was that I laid the groundwork for the other shops that don’t even do graff to sell the supplies and he then told me how annoying it was for him that he chemically designed all these markers from scratch and now everyone puts some ink in a bottle and says it is drippy but they aren’t even writers themselves. We realized that even though we are on opposite sides of the fence we are in the same boat and what can we do but stick together? Which leads us to the photo below.

Proletariat is the ONLY shop in the world right now with the old-school KRINK mops, and supply is extremely limited. We got them in black, and in my opinion you can’t fuck with KRINK’s black ink. KR hasn’t offered these bottles to the public in about 6 months, so it is quite an honor to have them here in Proletariat, in Boston of all places! Anyways, we will have more items like this to come in the future, and we believe it is important to support pioneers in the fields we love, and we are thankful for your support, because without you we don’t exist.

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