February 5, 2023

Lis and Joe Go To A Wedding


I learned to tie a tie when I was 15 (or younger). Unfortunately in the music industry you don’t have to wear one very often. This is how my night started off.

Snapped some photos before we left the house


Lis wore a firey dress!


I need to find some photos of the ceremony. I don’t have any right now but it was awesome! The wedding was for our friends Dave & Cara. Dave is part owner in the company that I work for and he manages
Shadows Fall, Thursday, etc. etc. Shadows Fall played the wedding march which was pretty awesome! Afterward there were some awesome appetizers.


Co-Workers (bosses)


Lis got tipsy and started to show off her arm-pit for some reason.


I will track down some more photos to post soon!

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