February 3, 2023

Kill All The White Man

“Brazil√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s President Luiz In√ɬ°cio Lula da Silva on Thursday blamed the global economic crisis on √¢‚Ǩ≈ìwhite people with blue eyes√¢‚Ǩ¬ù and said it was wrong that black and indigenous people should pay for white people√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s mistakes. “Speaking in Bras√ɬ≠lia at a joint press conference with Gordon Brown, the UK prime minister, Mr Lula da Silva told reporters: √¢‚Ǩ≈ìThis crisis was caused by the irrational behaviour of white people with blue eyes, who before the crisis appeared to know everything and now demonstrate that they know nothing.√¢‚Ǩ¬ù (FT.com)
NOFX-Kill All The White Man

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