February 5, 2023

Kickin it with Kerry aka Suburban Games


A few weeks back Kerry and I both had a day off and neither of us were looking to sit on our asses all day, so we decided to roam the suburbs! There were some close calls for sure. Check out the flicks. These are all non-digital shots with an old school Cannon 35mm

Razor Wire

No Trespassing


Climb Faster Motherfucker!

Kerry Climb!

Of course Kerry finds beer in the middle of the woods!
Kerry Vintage Bud

This tree was hurting

So was this house…for a painting
Suburban Decay

And this Hippo!
Hungry Hungry!

Man Down!
Man Down

Kerry thinks he is a GQ Model now!
Kerry GQ

Then is was time to head home towards the 66

Thanks for reading. Click the images to view them larger.

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