June 8, 2023


Yesterday Kenji turned a year older and a year wiser. So he rounded up some friends to go out to Shabu-Zen, Chinatown’s cook your own food bonanza!

It took me a minute to figure out where we were headed because Kenji’s roommate told me we were going to Chinatown to “dip our meat in water.” Of course, I assumed that meant we were going to a massage parlor but as usual I was wrong. So we started with the menu…after reading the Vegetarian options I felt fat and lazy and unhealthy. But I didn’t care…top of the food chain baby!

For those of you who haven’t ever been to a Shabu or a hot pot place, it’s pretty cool. You see you pay the same price for your meal as a place where they actually cook the food for you but you have to do the labor of cooking for yourself. Seems like a rip off but somehow dipping your thin slices of beef into a boiling hot pot of water is as fun as cliff-diving or maybe archery.

Here’s Kenji super happy to finally get some ice-cream after he ate about 3 cayenne peppers. (I think he thought they were tomatoes)

More friends…more fun. Ryan, Dana, and Mayan!

Best photo of the night…Tom is the guy in the black shirt with the Schlitz can…anyways, there was this dude who looked like he’d been watching reruns of Soul Train trying to practice his moves for the big night out in Boston…anyways, Tom photobombed his ass.

12 thoughts on “KENJISAN’s BIRTHDAYSAN!

  1. Happy Birthday Kenji!

    Kerry you are a grade A ass-hole! HA HA Scaring the fuck out of the waiter. His little Asian heart probably stopped.


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