February 3, 2023

Kenji’s back in the USSA!

Kenji is back from Japan, and it has been a non-stop party ever since. But first things first. When I turned 18 I ran as fast I could to the 7-Eleven and picked up a lotto ticket, some wintergreen Skoal, a pack of Marlboro Reds, and a Plumpers magazine. Nowadays, you can add a Krink marker and some Montana to that list.

By now hopefully you have heard of Japan’s, A Bathing Ape. These tees usually retail for upwards of $80. But not this one! Kenji hooked me up with this authentic BAPE tee that is sold at grocery stores in Japan. Only $10!

Drew and I decided Kenji needed a Pabst and some Big Buck Hunter to welcome him back to America. Kenji was alright, but no one can beat me in B.B.H!

Then we MKFresh’s crib and painted the shit out of his basement. Anything you see that looks good wasn’t done that night because everyone involved was hammertime.

And once Mitch gets drunk he has to show everyone his baboon heart transplant scars.

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