September 28, 2022

Kenji Nakayama’s Latest Gallery Show

Friday night Kenji had an opening here in Boston. We pre-partied on the clock and then headed out to see his new works. Of course we had to stop 3 times for Joe to take a whiz.

Then we spotted this new cupcake bakery in Davis Square. The cupcakes were good, but not $3 good.

Joe was rocking his favorite cupcakes shirt…Johnny must be heated about this one…look closely

Finally, we ended up at Kenji’s show. The man of the hour!

The best part was when some idiot lady told Kenji there was no way he cut out and stenciled his work, it had to be silk-screened. He told her that it definitely was hand cut and painted but she just couldn’t be convinced. If that isn’t the highest compliment to a photo-realistic stencil artist, I don’t know what is.

And of course we had to wash all this down with some Shaved Summer Snatches, the house specialty at the Model Cafe.

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