June 4, 2023

Jersey City Police Report

Five cops shot, 2 suspects killed in Jersey City shootout linked to investigation of June shooting caught on video

by Charles Hack and Michaelangelo Conte/The Jersey Journal
Thursday July 16, 2009, 10:48 AM

Four Jersey City police officers and a Port Authority police officer were shot this morning, two critically, and two suspects killed during an investigation into the case of a man shot on Broadway last month that had been caught on surveillance video, sources told The Jersey Journal.

Officers were watching a stolen vehicle on Reed Street at Bergen Avenue when a man and a woman exited a nearby building and the man opened fire with a shotgun, shattering the passenger window of an unmarked police car, police said. The officer who was sitting there had just gotten out.

The couple then ran back to the building but the man turned around and fire at another officer and struck him in the leg, police said.

Police evacuated the building and called in Emergency Services from Jersey City and Port Authority police.

When police entered the building, gunfire erupted from inside the apartment, going through the door, police said.

A Jersey City ESU officer was hit in the chest and neck outside the door, and he is in critical condition, police said.

Another Jersey City officer was shot in the face outside the door, and he is also in critical condition. He had no signs of life when he arrived at the Jersey City Medical Center, where he was resuscitated and is now in surgery, police said.

“The fact that we can talk about him being in surgery now is a minor miracle,” Dr. Nathaniel Holmes said at a news conference attended by Jersey City Police Director Samuel Jefferson, Police Chief Tom Comey, Mayor Jerramiah Healy, other elected officials and a representative of the Port Authority Police.

During the gunfire that erupted, a Jersey City officer wearing a bulletproof vest was shot in the back, and a Port Authority police officer was shot in the arm.

The suspects were apparently barricaded in the apartment but were shot and killed, although details are still hazy.

The incident began with officers of Jersey City’s major case unit watching a parked car that matched the getaway car captured on video after a 43-year-old Sleepy Hollow, N.Y., man was shot at 6:30 a.m. June 18 when he arrived at work at the 30 Minute Oil Change on Broadway.

Comey declined to identify the officers saying all of the families had not yet been notified, and he refused to name the dead suspects.

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