June 8, 2023


Hello Folks, I’m sorry about me slacking on my blog. As Kerry mentioned in his blog, I am in Japan, trying to stay away from my favorite American fast foods and gossip magazines…

Anyway’s my trip started on 17th July, I left Boston early in the morning and stopped in New Jersey, then flew to Tokyo.
After 15hrs plane ride…Narita Airport.

I hate long flights.

Tokyo Metro Highway…

Kichijoji is always my home, after a few hour bus ride, I got off the bus in Kichijoji where I used to hang out with my friends all the time.

Tower Record building in Kichijoji

I heard Proletariat went to Tokyo before me…

GoldenStash in Tokyo!!!

Stensoul, and Proletariat in da house


to be continued…

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