February 8, 2023

It’s like a Heatwave! burning in my heart…

Was that a balmy weekend or what?!?!? 48 has never felt so warm. It just reminded me how nice Boston really is when you aren’t pulling ice cubes out of your nostrils or pouring hot coffee on your hands to make sure they are still there. Of course sometimes change leads to destruction. While walking around Allston yesterday I saw this scene.

I instantly assumed some pack of assholes loaded up on the Beast and testosterone decided it would be TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME to ram a street sign through a handicapped person’s car. But after talking to some locals I found out this crazy scenario. It turns out that 2 weeks ago someone backed over the sign and then relocated it vertically to a snow bank next to the sidewalk. It then stood there in full view of the street, held up by the snowbank until yesterday. When the temperature rose the ice melted and the hatchet dropped. Weird thing is there was a Proletariat sticker on the sign…

So after seeing this I thought I would give those of you who live out of state a taste of what melting snow will look like for the next 4 months…(no lie, we have snow banks until May.)

And don’t even mess with car washes…

But the best thing about Boston winters is when the temp gets close to 50 people start getting freaky.

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