February 3, 2023

Ironlak is back! + new Interview

So, it sounds like most of the people have spoken. You like Ironlak, a cheap little sister to Montana, a price around that of Rustoleum-and a smell similar to candy made by the wicked witch of the west. I agree, it is really good paint for the price. So we got more. I also had the pleasure of speaking to Heath, a jolly Austrailian who owns the company. It was really cool having the chance to shoot the shit with the owner, discuss the state of graffiti, owning a small biz, and all the other shit that I can’t say in a public forum. I found it refreshing that a big company would actually go door to door and meet the people who sell their product and understand more about our needs. Here’s a few minutes of our interview with Heath from Ironlak.

Like Heath said here it is…

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