February 8, 2023

Inside look at Shepard Fairey’s Supply and Demand

Ok, even I am starting to get tired of hearing Shepard Fairey’s name, but I had to go see the show for myself. Last night, and every Thursday, it’s free to go to the ICA from 5-9pm. I was shocked to find out I wasn’t the only cheap skate-in fact it appears that most of Boston was there. And that made for a weird experience. For instance, it was a little unsettling seeing a tour guide lead a pack of geriatrics around the museum breaking down each one of his pieces intellectually. Isn’t that the point of his art? That it doesn’t need to be interpreted in any other way that what it plainly says? Anyways, I was pondering that when a young man spoke up…”what country is the artist from?” Later on, the docent said that visitation has skyrocketed since Fairey’s arrest. All in all, it was kind of a turn off-but it’s good for Shepard Fairey and the museum. I think he should write the Boston police a thank you note for doing 100 times more than a publicist ever could.

I spent my time doing what I do best. Stealing photographs and video. In order to do this well, grab a pamphlet when entering the museum.

Then walk briskly while smiling-everyone loves a good smile.

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