February 3, 2023

I’m sorry…is that Joe Pepin?

If you didn’t already know, Taco Bell hooks mad bands up on tour with free grub as part of their Feed the Beat series. I’m not sure why I stumbled upon this, but I checked out T-Bell’s twitter and lo and behold, Joe “Mother-Fucking” Pepin is the Feed the Beat model! As if it wasn’t bad enough walking around town with him having people compliment him on his amazing tattoo, or his hair, or his F.P., now I can’t even get any respect at my favorite late night laxative, T-Bell. At least he was wearing a Proletariat tee though, always reppin hard. Congrats Joe, next time we load up on some 7-layers…you’re buying!
Feed The Beat by Taco Bell featuring Joe and Proletariat!

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