February 8, 2023

I hate free cone day

Once a year, Ben and Jerry’s hosts Free Cone Day,where they give out free ice cream to everyone who is willing to wait in line. I don’t know why F.C.D. pisses me off so much, I guess because I can’t imagine a life where I could stand in line for an hour without being pissed off or late to wherever I am supposed to be. Today I decided to interview a group of kids waiting in line to see what would possess them to give up an hour of their life for a paltry ice cream cone.

9 thoughts on “I hate free cone day

  1. I don’t know why youtube videos about F.C.D. piss me off so much, I guess because I can’t imagine a life where I could spend 2 min. 14 seconds watching a video about F.C.D. that really isnt about F.C.D. as much as it is about unemployed kids that love video games. haha great video!

  2. ps. fucking losers! i cant wait till i am grown up and can waste my afternoons at free ice cream day instead of PROLETARIAT.

  3. But Joe! There’s nothing in the world that’s better than staying in a store, making customers feel uncomfortable when they walk in or try to buy something at a counter with 14yr olds crowded around it, talking about unimportant shit and pretending you’re the shit yourself!!! I can’t ever dream of a world where kids go out and skate for hours rather than hang in a skate shop they buy shit at once a month or so (or not even ever buy shit at all while not even being a friend or helping out ever!) and (maybe) talk about skating instead. But, who am I to say that things such as skating, getting employed, being creative (art, music, trying to be useful, etc), going to the movies with friends, etc, are better than standing in an already slightly crowded store? Pretending to have a social life because you “hang out” with your friends and someone WORKING (is supposed to be there for a reason and purpose that is the wonderful world of retail and will be there when they’re supposed to..reguardless of who comes in) is what everyone should do nowadays. If only it paid…

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