June 10, 2023

Hot Stuff


One and a half weeks ago, it was my friend Kolja’s birthday. So on this Wednesday night, we went to the pubs and had a couple of meters of beer:

A few pubs and various sizes of beers later, we got a D√ɬ∂ner (It’s like a Kebap) at some new place. I ordered it hot, and it was crazy. I crave hot food, but this was the hottest D√ɬ∂ner I’ve had so far. They put some asian hot-sauce on it that went into every last corner of my mouth. Halfway through the D√ɬ∂ner my cheeks started to prickle from all the capsacain. This is me sucking in air to cool my mouth.

This is my friend Sebastian deliriously trying to eat that which was to hot for me. (Of course he failed, too.)

The next day. Ashamed by my unability to eat up that D√ɬ∂ner, I decided to try out a new hot snackbar with a friend of mine. They sell “Currywurst” (a chopped Bratwurst with curry ketchup) in 7 levels of hotness. They wouldn’t sell level 6 and 7 to first time customers for health reasons (even the owner doesn’t touch number 7), so we tried 4 and 5.
Just like the Döner, they both burned twice!

This is number 4 (forgot the name). It was really quite hot, but my friend Stefan and I managed to eat without problems (there’s my pride back :P).

This is number 5, called “Diavolo”. It wasn’t that much hotter than number 4, but more acidic (like tabasco) and with a kind of afterburn.
(and yes, that’s mayonaise on the fries. unlike Pulp Fiction makes you believe, it’s totally the way to eat them!)

Watch the video (German)

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