February 8, 2023

Shit’s Wack | Hey Hypebeast! Shit’s Weak!

Ok, so part of our job on this renovated blog will be to point out stuff that we think rules thus (thatsthehookup) and shit that we think sucks (Shit’s Weak.) This could relate to music, art, food, clothing…the sky is the limit! Well, today’s offering is courtesy of Hypebeast, a massive website dedicated to all things streetwear.

Now what I want to know is since when is DSW an ill place to shop? Miles and miles of ugly shit that didn’t sell at Macy’s stacked up to the hilt-old dirty panty hose footies strewn all over the place. Last I checked the National chain is filled with white sneaker wearing secretaries browsing on their lunch break not sneakerheads trying to score the latest collectible dunk. Look, I know everyone has to pay the bills but you won’t ever see us slapping an Old Navy ad on this site. Hey Hypebeast! Shit’s Weak!

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